17. Free Association

At first today’s challenge threw me for a loop. After restarting and going at it a second time I really got the juices flowing.

The challenge required me to think of an animal, a location, and a non-profit organization. Upon choosing these aspects, I was required to design an annual report cover. At first I chose a polar bear, Antarctica, and the American Red Cross. As you may guess, it would certainly be difficult to think of a way to incorporate Antarctica with the American Red Cross; seeing as how the Red Cross isn’t involved with Antarctica at all.

After struggling for a bit and coming up with a few lines such as: “No matter where, we’ll be there” or “Even accidents happen here”. Lastly I thought about incorporating the imagery of a mother and cub polar bear with something along the lines of “we’ll be there”.

I was not very satisfied with these at all. At this point I decided to switch up some of the aspects. I stuck with the American Red Cross, but switched the animal and location. This time around I went with a dog (typical pet) and the United States.

One stereotype that people have for dogs is that they are “man’s best friend”. I decided to play off of this for the annual report cover.

Annual Report Cover


Although I came up with fairly quickly, I was very satisfied with it. I decided to play off of the red in the logo and red for blood, in which case I thought that making the photo black and white would be best. Something subtle that I think helps is the triangulation between the text, the dog, and the logo.

As I mentioned in my posts the last few days, I had my follow-up interview this morning. I think it went great! It was supposed to consist of a design challenge/test and meeting the person who would do the hiring. The test went great and was super-easy! Unfortunately the Boss wasn’t available,  so I will have to have another interview for that. I did find out, however, that the job is currently between myself and another candidate. Hopefully all goes well! The more I think about this opportunity the more excited I am for it.


16. Hey, You Made That Up

As promised, I finally caught up tonight! For today’s challenge I first had to come up with three three syllable adjectives. From there I had to take the first syllable from the first word, the second syllable from the second word, and the third syllable from the third word. My words were:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Colorful
  3. Amazing

As you can tell, this left me with Beauoring. Quite the mouthful. Once I determined the word, I had to use this a fictional company. The fun part being that I could completely make up what type of a store/product it was. After pronouncing Beauoring a few times, I finally came up with it being a French clothing company that takes pride in their clothes being authentic to modern French culture.

Once I figure out the brand name and what their service was, the real core of the challenge still awaited me: creating a six frame motion graphic advertisement. E.g. I needed to deliver the content of the commercial, but could only demonstrate it in six frames. Below are my sketches.

SketchesIn case you didn’t read the descriptions for the sketches, they are as such:

A customer comes into the store and is drawn to a coat rack. He picks out a coat and tries it on. Upon trying it on, he is ‘teleported’ to France (notice the hinting of the Eiffel Tower). Puzzled, he takes off the jacket and is ‘teleported’ back into the store. Still puzzled, he puts the coat back on the rack and walks away. The video then blurs out of focus and the tagline shows “Yeah.. It’s that authentic” and the logo appears.

I was very satisfied with this concept and I think it could have a lot of potential and could be used for different stereotypical French landmarks.

As mentioned earlier today, I have a follow-up interview for the technical illustration job. I’m very excited for this position on many different aspects. I know I may be assuming, but looking at the different details about this job makes me think it’s perfect. Let’s hope all goes well!


15. Sixty Second Deadline

First off, I’m sorry for not uploading the project yesterday. I finished it, but then decided to watch the Indian’s game and unfortunately fell asleep. So here it is!

For yesterday’s challenge I needed to have someone select seven household items. Once selected, I needed to come up with a catch phrase for them all. Finally I would have to pick one catch phrase and create a billboard with it. In which case my girlfriend, Allie, selected these seven items:


Our beloved Chunk, Dizzy.

  1. Our cat (Dizzy)
  2. Piano
  3. Grapes
  4. Febreeze
  5. Floss
  6. Sock Monkey Mug
  7. Lawnmower

Feel free to browse the others that I came up with. One of my favorites is probably “let the kids work for their allowance” under Lawnmower.

Once she selected these seven random items, I had sixty seconds for each item to come up with a catch phrase. After brainstorming for each one I had Allie select which one she liked the best. In which case she selected the phrase “a foot a day will keep the dentist away” for the floss.

CompResource ImageAbove are some of my initial comps. I had originally intended on using a ruler marking system to show a foot, but I thought that with this being so large  it may seem strange that an inch is a few feet large. I did some stock imagery searching and found the image I wanted to use. At this point I started to sketch around a larger comp, originally intending to have a hand drawn look for the final design.

After toying around and not being completely sold on the hand drawn look, I decided to use the image I had found and manipulate the string of floss to make it horizontally friendly.

Once I had the floss in the direction I wanted, I cut it out so I could have my own background. Finally, I added the catch phrase and the logo.

BillboardTadah! Although the concept is slightly simple, that’s it should be for a billboard. After all, people only have a few seconds to glance at the advertisement. You want the product, logo, and text to be clearly visible right away. In which case, I think this works great.

As mentioned above, this is actually yesterday’s challenge. With so much time today and no plans, I promise I will catch up later.

On a side note, I received a phone call this morning about a second interview for the technical illustration job! I’m very excited and anxious about this opportunity. See you later!



14. 10 x 10

Somehow, even though I’m on the job hunt I still manage to have busy days. I was able to complete the challenge yesterday (kind of), but didn’t have time to upload it.

The challenge was to create 100 (that’s right, 100) sketches for an organic energy drink package. Of course I had to come up with a name for it as well. I decided to use the name Lixir, as in elixir.

Lixir SketchesI first started sketching with the theme of the fruit’s shape as the packaging. Secondly, expanding off of the individual fruit idea I began sketching the corresponding individual fruit trees.

I had originally had the idea of using an old “potion” looking vessel, primarily because that is what I comes to mind when thinking of an elixir or potion (this is probably due to playing video games).

Towards the end I started sketching around the theme of the four natural forces: wind, water, earth, and fire. This was somewhat of a last ditch effort.

Lixir BottleAt this point I decided to just come up with a finished style for the Lixir bottle  As I said before, I had already had the potion vile concept in my mind, but I made it a little bit more modern with a translucent cork that was on a swivel. The bottle would also have a transparent wrapping with the text on it.

I will say that I’m not very pleased with this concept. I think it had potential, but for some reason the requirement of 100 different sketches really seems troubling to me.

Now.. You may be saying, “this is only 32 sketches! Where are the others!?”. At this point I received a phone call about an interview (which I had today). The job was in the design field, but for a technical illustrator. In this case I didn’t have much in my portfolio but still was capable of the work. To prove this I stopped the daily challenge and started working on a technical illustration, which can be seen below.Nike Source

Nike IllustrationAlthough I had never really considered technical illustration as a profession, after looking at it I could seriously see myself becoming a technical illustrator. The reason being this: I have always feared that I will at some point stop being creative and unable to come up with clever designs. Don’t mistake me, being a technical illustrator requires creativity, but a different type of creativity than creating logos for example. In this case I am still working in the design/art field, but not under the same creative demands as before. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how to goes!

Lastly, this post is going to count as yesterday’s post and right after I will begin working on today’s post. Be sure to check back later today for my latest creative challenge!

13. Three in One

For today’s challenge I had to take an object that I carry with me everyday and create three different advertisements for it. One being on a positive aspect related to the object, one related to a negative aspect, and lastly one related to a metaphor for the object.

Unfortunately I don’t care many objects every day, but one thing I do carry is my library card! It may not be used every day, but I certainly carry it in my wallet anywhere I go.

For this concept I was able to visualize my design right away, in this case I decided not to spend time sketching. The hardest part was finding the different imagery and content I wanted to include to convey the different aspects.

Three in One

This was my first concept that I came up with, which features the positive aspect. That being aspect being that there are tons of books to choose from with the fact that there are over 25 branches across the county.

Three in One2

At first I was slightly stumped as to how a library card can be have a negative aspect. Then it hit me that a library card and library building are not very useful for people that do not have time to go to the library. In this case, I played it off and promoted the digital aspect of the library. I really think that this photo was a great fit for promoting the digital library compared to the books on a shelf.
Three in One3


The last aspect was the metaphor for the object. With so many different adventures and information tucked away in books, a library card literally is the key to accessing those books. I really liked this image because the scenery in the background can seem like an adventure awaits on the other side of the lock.

All in all I was very pleased with these designs. I suppose I was lucky that my original concept actually looked appealing and didn’t require much adjustment after the initial framework.

12. Strange Chemicals

First and foremost, sorry for not putting a challenge up for both Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was my job interview, which went well, but lasted six hours and consumed my day. Thursday being the 4th of July and all didn’t leave much down time aside from family.

I did complete today’s challenge though! For this project I had to create an annual report cover for a ‘environmentally friendly’ chemist company. As expected I need to establish a brand for said company as well. Just like any other project, I headed straight to my sketchbook.

IMG_2104At first I started sketching around with a logo. My initial thought was incorporating a beaker with a tree or something involving nature. After toying with that I drifted towards a molecular structure (forgive me if that’s not what it’s called). After none of this was clicking I decided to just take a typographical approach. In retrospect, I have a nice concept in my mind involving a beaker and a leaf but it’s a little late now that the challenge time is up.

IMG_2105At this point I started brainstorming the name of the company. I finally came up with BioSolution because:

  • Bio can mean life or organically produced.
  • Solutions could refer to creating chemicals to solve problems.

You can also see the beginnings of my sketches. Finding the imagery was one of the hardest parts. I had one that I really liked, but the depth of field made it awkward. Moving on I found a photo and spent quite a bit of time in post-production, only to not be satisfied with it. Then I finally switched from searching for ‘nature’ or ‘chemistry’ to ‘farming’. I felt that the image I was able to find was appropriate and had lots of movement.



It may be difficult to complete a challenge tomorrow as I have a whole day event, but I will certainly try in my downtime!

On a side note, I found a local design job that I am quite hopeful for. I’ll be sure to keep you posted though!



11. Future Penmanship

Nothing is more classy than calligraphy with all of it’s elegant curves and defining width variations. For today’s challenge  I had to create a logo for a fictional company that was in the quantum computing business.

Bloch SphereSome of the examples given feature the typical images such as atoms and also similar to the image to the right (which is the first image that comes up when searching for quantum computing). I knew that I didn’t want to fit into these clichés, so I first needed to do some research to figure exactly what quantum computing was.

For the sake of not slicing my sketchbook into irregular image sizes, I numbered the sections of my brainstorming.

Annotated Scan


  1. QuanCompThis was my first initial concept for the name of QuantumComp or something ‘QC’ oriented. I liked the idea of the sphere and had a great idea of having a 3D ‘Q’ and ‘C’ crossing as axis of the circle.

    I had some trouble sketching this out, so I resorted to using the 3D capabilities in Illustrator. Although I thought that this concept had potential, I noticed right away it was not working out the way I had it in my mind.

  2. For this concept I thought about ditching the ‘QC’ theme and just going with the Q. I started messing around with a ‘circuit board’ look and thought it was working.

    In this case it is a good thing that I did my research: apparently quantum computer is completely different from our typical digital computing, in a sense that there are no transistors and circuit boards. Granted that may be wrong (please don’t quote me), but from my understanding quantum computing works very differently. With that in mind, I quickly dropped this concept.

  3. With this concept I was going to try juxtaposing the techno-font style with a classy calligraphy look for the subtext. After toying with this concept a few times, I just wasn’t feeling it.
  4. At this point I was growing tired of the word Quantum and decided to pick something quantum computing related to use as the brand. One of the terms that stuck out to me was ‘super positioning’. Again juxtaposing a strong and bold typeface for Super, but using the calligraphy for positioning. I also thought I could do something clever super-hero related and combine it with an x-y positioning graph.

    As you can tell since there are more concepts on the page, once again I wasn’t happy with this concept.

  5. Here I tried to brainstorm with concepts of revolutionary thinking, inventions, etc. I had the idea of combing a Q with a light bulb. I figured I could do something elegant with the stroke width variations.

    After thinking about it, although a light bulb can represent new ideas, it does not really convey anything computing related. With that in mind, I dropped the concept.

  6. At this point I continued brainstorming with the keywords to see if it would spark anything. Then it hit me. What makes quantum computer different than digital computing? That it is not binary (the language computers use to handle information, which is all zeros and ones [0101001001000100 etc.]).

    not allowedAt first I just had the general circle with a slash through it, which symbolizes not allowed. Then I had another great idea that could use the other half of binary code, the number one. This convientenly made the shape of a ‘Q’ as well.

    The remaining parts of this section are me experimenting with the width of letters and the flow, making them more calligraphic.

calligraphyIn my typography class we were tasked with doing calligraphy by hand with a ink pen, which gave me a general look of the letters. To help expand my creative options I found this image and used some of the letterforms as inspiration.

At this point I had my sketches in Illustrator and began tracing the shapes and toying with the stroke variation took to help achieve smooth lines. After messing with the curves and widths of each line, I finally found something I was satisfied with.



The next challenge was to find a typeface that went with my logo. After doing a little browsing on dafont.com I was able to find one that complimented the logo.


I will admit that my first logo (the above is my finished product) was slightly different. The primary changes being that I edited the ends of the ‘1’ to match the font that I selected. I was very satisfied with this design and I do plan on adding it to my portfolio.  To complete the logo I spent a few minutes to make a knockout version as well.

Quantix-Logo_koOn a side note, you may have noticed the image of my sketches were much better than my previous posts. The reason being I discovered that my girlfriend has a printer/scanner. Hopefully the remainder of my sketches will be uploaded via scanner rather than being photographed.

Also… Tomorrow’s the big interview! Hopefully all goes well!